I recently attended another church and found myself fumbling through the books to find the right page number when it was time to sing a hymn and then read a prayer.  I of course found it a bit too late the first time…This experience reminded me of how others (or even how long term Methodists) might feel when coming into our church.  We have symbols, acronyms and a seemingly secret code which often needs to be decoded.   If we are to be the friendly, open and inviting church family we claim to be, what can we do to help those who do not know the “language” to feel welcome?

One thing we can do is to offer to be an usher or a greeter.

Chuck Knows Church is a great little YouTube channel to help us figure out some of the “secret” things that goes on in church.  Here is his take on what it means to be an usher.

Chuck Knows Ushers

Interested in serving in this capacity?  What to help be a decoder for our new friends?  Let me know.  We need YOU!