Although I was away on vacation from ministry, God did not take a vacation from me and gave me some insight into life from the seat of a kayak.  My mom has a kayak at our cottage on beautiful Cayuga Lake.  She has had it for many years but it wasn’t until two years ago that I even ventured out in it.  I was always nervous to get in it; what if I tipped over?  What if I lost the paddle?  What if I was strong enough and got into rough seas? where some of the questions I asked myself.  But I was intrigued by it as my mom and sister-in-law both found it enjoyable and every one who went by in one seemed happy.  Plus, my mom had one very important rule: no one went in it without wearing a life jacket.  So, two years ago on one of my very last days at the lake I decided to try it out.  And guess what?  I loved it!

Fast forward to this year.  The first couple days of my vacation I didn’t feel like doing anything too strenuous and just sat and read.  A couple of times I noticed that the water was very calm, but I gave myself excuses, like no one else was around and what if Chester (my dog) tried to follow me…Then, a few days later when I did have people around the water was quite rough so I wasn’t able to venture out, then we got some much needed rain, and then the next thing I knew it was the second week of my vacation and of course I was mad at myself for missing the earlier opportunities.

I got some advice from my brother-in-law: if the water seems a little rough, head into the wind to start. That way, when you get tired you can turn around and it won’t be as hard coming back.  OK, so I tried that and it was a great ride.

The next time I went out I ran into a huge pile of seaweed and maybe even some hydrilla, a very invasive aquatic weed that is overtaking the lake.  But with a little jigging and jogging I was able to get out of it.

On what would end up being my last ride the water was quite calm and I enjoyed floating over some waves from a passing boat.  I took that opportunity to be still and just be.  I felt the sunshine, the light spray of the water, saw a fish jump and heard some birds chirping.

What a wonderful reminder that God is good and will get us through the rough waters, the weeds that try to choke us and has provided safety supports to see us through.  Yet, we need to do our part and not put off getting into the boat and expend needless energy worrying.  There is a whole life out there just waiting to be explored and discovered!