A couple of weeks ago in Bible study we talked about gratitude and how important it is to take a few minutes to thank someone.  We also agreed that a hand written note means so much more than a quick “Thx” in a text.  Our talk then turned to a gratitude challenge.  There is a website that promotes sharing your thankfulness with others and has a 21 Day Gratitude Challenge.  We thought we would do our own challenge, so starting today (Nov. 3rd) until Thanksgiving (Nov. 24th) I invite you to thank people.  Think of those who do a lot but don’t always get the “thank you” they deserve–bus drivers, train conductors, custodians, retail clerks…But don’t forget your family and friends too.  Sometimes we take them for granted and forget to say a heartfelt thanks.

Let’s take these next 21 days and write a note of thanks each day to someone.  Want to do more? Click the link above for some ideas.  And if you want to continue after Thanksgiving more power to you!  That would be fantastic!

Imagine how much nicer our world would be if we took a few minutes to say thank you.

I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. (1 Corinthians 1:4)