We’re delivering sandwiches to Spooner House today — if you could make sandwiches and bring them to church this morning, we’d appreciate it!

Sandwiches can be dropped off in the kitchen before worship.  The individually wrapped sandwiches should have 1 slice of meat (thick sliced, any kind) and 1 slice of cheese (thick sliced, any kind) — no condiments needed.  Our goal is to make 100 sandwiches.

Spooner House also has a need for disinfectant cleaning supplies to help keep their residents healthy with cold and flu season coming. Items needed are liquid spray cleaners (Fantastic, 409, Simple Green, etc.), aerosol spray disinfectant (i.e. Lysol), and anti-bacterial cleaning wipes (Clorox, Lysol, etc.). We will be collecting these items in addition to the sandwiches for delivery the same day.

Thank you for your consideration!

UMC Monroe Contact:  Ethel Abraham and Tanya Lennon

For more information about Spooner House, click here.

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