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Spooner House Sandwich Collection and Delivery

We’re delivering sandwiches to Spooner House today — if you could make sandwiches and bring them to church this morning, we’d appreciate it!

Sandwiches can be dropped off in the kitchen before worship.  The individually wrapped sandwiches should have 1 slice of meat (thick sliced, any kind) and 1 slice of cheese (thick sliced, any kind) — no condiments needed.  Our goal is to make 50 – 60 sandwiches.

Spooner House has a need for the following additional supplies for the shelter:

  • Trash bags – 15 – 20 gallon size
  • Cleaning solution – 409, liquid disinfectants
  •  Hand sanitizers
  • Aluminum Foil

We will deliver these additional items at the same time we deliver sandwiches.

Thank you for your consideration!

UMC Monroe Contact:  Ethel Abraham and Tanya Lennon

For more information about Spooner House, click here.

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