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 Are you ready for some football?  Let the games begin!

The football playoffs are starting soon and the Mission Committee invites everyone to get ready to take the field for a special football food drive beginning Sunday, January 13, to benefit the Monroe Food Pantry.  Each week in January, two food rivals will go head-to-head in an exciting pantry shelf showdown.  The food team with the most items collected will win that week’s game.  Every item donated will move our UMC Monroe football one yard closer to the end zone for a touchdown.  All games lead up to the big game with the Souper Bowl of Caring on Sunday, February 3!  

Join a “Mission team” and help us score a TOUCHDOWN for our neighbors in need at the Monroe Food Pantry! Let’s KICK OFF 2019 by collecting 100 food items in time for the BIG GAME on Souper Bowl Sunday and take it into the END ZONE! Just TOSS your donation(s) into one of the collection boxes and check out the SCOREBOARD after each GAME to track the weekly winners and YARDS GAINED — each item donated moves us 1 yard closer to the goal line! Let’s make this season a BLOWOUT and “win this one for the Food Pantry!!”

Game Schedule:

Sunday, January 13     Power Packed Protein Playoff
Tackling Tuna vs. Crushing Chicken

Sunday, January 20   Sandwich Scrimmage
Passing Peanut Butter vs. Scrambling Strawberry Preserves

Sunday, January 27   Battle of the Breakfast Champions
Cold Cereal Crunchers vs. Overtime Oatmeal

Sunday, February 3!  The BIG GAME – Souper Bowl of Caring
Lean and Mean Chicken Broths and Soups vs. Tough and Gruff Beef Broths and Soups

For a copy of the Football Food Drive flyer, click here.