Kings Pantry 2010

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The Great Commandment “Love thy Neighbor as thyself” — this has always been a tough one, maybe the hardest one but God meant it. God knows it’s not easy.

When we first heard about the many good works King’s Pantry was doing in 2000, specifically feeding the hungry every week, the UMC Missions group wanted to help. As we explained what we would be doing someone said, “Isn’t it nice that we can help them out?” The woman was somewhat surprised with the reply, “I think it’s going to be the other way around”. Yes, it was nice to help and it was a goal of ours to give the King’s Pantry family a day off now and then but from the beginning there was the feeling that it was King’s Pantry showing us the way. And it came to be – we learned another way to serve, a way to share God’s love, to be more thankful, and we made new friends in Christ.

About 4 times a year, the church makes 200 sandwiches which are transported to King’s Pantry. As our relationship grew, we were asked to handle the Sunday feeding mission on our own once a year when the King’s Pantry team was away at their church conferences. With organization, many hands, and a wonderful team spirit, we did great!

Several confirmation classes since 2000 made a visit to King’s Pantry’s home church, Triumphant Ministries, to experience a vibrant worship service and then joined them in passing out sandwiches as well.