A member of the Greater Bridgeport Cooperative Parish

Marsha Cohen

“Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” has been our nursery attendant for almost 15 years — it’s the perfect position for her because she loves children.

Marsha hails from Rochester, NY and is currently living in West Haven with her partner, Steve, and their black lab, Cammie.   In her spare time Marsha enjoys Sudoku puzzles, reading, watching TV and catching up with friends on Facebook.  Besides loving the young ones she also cares for the furry four legged creatures, even those that understand a language other than English.  Marsha attends temple on Saturdays and spends Sundays with us at UMCM.  She is an active participant in our bible studies and Friendship Circle ladies’ group.

After all of these years at UMCM, Marsha says “it is certainly more than  just a job … the folks are like family … I am very comfortable here and LOVE everyone …”