St Vincents Prayer Shawl IMG_9670A comfort shawl or comfort lap blanket is created to bring solace and strength to those in need, whether due to illness, loss or bereavement or to help celebrate one of life’s rights of passage. Made by loving hands, they are symbols of God’s all-embracing love and comfort. Positive energy, prayers and good intentions directed toward the recipient are incorporated into these mantles as they are created.

Anyone facing one of life’s transitions, whether it be a sad or joyous time, can benefit from being wrapped in love.

The Messenger Interfaith Prayer Center has over 60 volunteers – employees, family members and friends, who create these mantles and donate them to the Program.

UMC Monroe became involved with this ministry in 2016 when Carin Florin, church member and a former member of St. Vincent Mission Committee, responded to our call for missions outside the church that anyone would like us pursue to see if we could help.   We’re pleased to report that we’ve already contributed both full-size prayer shawls and mini-prayer shawls (which are distributed to family members) to this mission.  More knitters and crocheters are always welcome!  

If you’re interested in getting involved in this mission, please contact Bobbie.  For more information about St. Vincent’s Comfort Shawl ministry, please visit their website.

Pastor Martha, Bobbie and Carol attended a Blessing/Reception on June 13, 2016.

Pastor Martha, Bobbie and Carol attended a Blessing/Reception on June 13, 2016