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  1. I could not find the spot where to post my week 1 total. I had a total of 16,551 steps in week one. So, I am trying here.

    • Paula – thanks for submitting your total steps for week 1 — I’ll add it to our weekly total. For future reference, please go to the home page ( and look for the buttons below the sliding pictures. You’ll see one with footprints on a beach and it will be titled “Walk to Jerusalem Steps.” If you double click on that button you’ll be directed to the tracking form where you’ll be prompted to enter the week you’re reporting for, your name, email and total number of steps. I’d be happy to step you through the process next week after church (we can enter your Week 2 steps, if you’d like). The other option would be to fill out a form at church on Sundays that you can turn in with the offering. Thanks for trying this week! Kathy S.

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