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A Message from Pastor Chuck Schif

Greetings and thank you for being a part of our 50 year celebration! By just reading this letter, you become part of the life of the United Methodist Church of Monroe. Much more than a building, UMCM has always been a gathering of God’s people tracing back to the 1800’s, as you’ll read in the following pages. How is that possible? I believe, and I trust you will find as well if you’ve had the privilege of spending any time at all in this sacred space, that it is only through the presence and power of God, and the willingness of God’s people to give of themselves to provide a place to praise the name of Jesus.

While it took many years, and many people, to get us where we are today, the culture of dedicated service still remains here at UMCM. From the moment you step into this place, you truly understand what being the church really means. Driven strictly by the laity, members created and cultivated our first Church Garden, providing not only multigenerational fellowship and learning, but fresh produce and herbs for the congregation and local food pantries. Our laity-led “tech-team” continues to ensure that our worship can not only be enjoyed in-person, but is also streamed live and on-demand for those needing to plug-in to their church family remotely. Finally, the countless hours volunteered in the upkeep and repair of the grounds and property continue to be a blessed ministry of the laity. While one can arrive at a Sunday service and enjoy being served and recharged after a draining week, the members of UMCM do not come to be served, but to serve.

In short, I am honored to be a part of this amazing church family. Before every service, when the liturgist/acolyte, with their lit candle lighter in hand, asks me “Are you ready?”, I always point to the flame that they hold in front of them and say, “We follow Jesus, so if He goes, we go.” Thus, as we read of all the legends that have toiled and sweat, shepherded and loved, praised and comforted, may we give thanks for the good and faithful servants that have come before us, but continue to truly follow the one good shepherd that holds our future, and the future of UMCM.

Where He leads us, we will follow.

– Pastor Chuck Schif

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Rev. Dr. Alpher Sylvester, Rev. Martha Epstein (served 2013 – 2018), Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton, Rev. Chuck Schif (serving 2021 – present), Rev. Dave York (served 1973 – 1974), Rev. Frank Denton (served 1981 – 1986)
Pastor Letters from Rev. Dennis Wagner (served 1974 – 1978), Rev. Louis Leone (Served 1978 – 1981) and Rev. Caroly Gibson (Served 2019)


Pastor Letter from Rev. Karen Burger (Served 1996 – 1999)
Pastor Letter from Rev. Sherry Driscoll (Served 1999 – 2003)     
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