A member of the Eastern Fairfield Cooperative Parish

Generation Bridge

Generation Bridge was created in order to help serve the needs of our community here in Connecticut and beyond.  We want to help connect neighbors to neighbors as well as knowledgeable leaders who can help with the challenges we face at different times in our lives.  As humans, we work best when we connect with each other.

Direct questions?  Reach out to Brian Sherwood – brian.sherwood@sherwoodenterprises.co or (203) 570-4150.

About Generation Bridge

Generation Bridge is a platform meant to help people find answers and collaborate with each other in order to solve life’s challenges.  We address challenges in three pillars: 1) Health & Wellness, 2) Financial & Legal, 3) General Life Stage Challenges.

We don’t believe in generational stereotypes but rather the individual value we represent and the specific challenges we face at various stages in our lives.  Generation Bridge was an idea born within the United Methodist Church of Monroe as a way to connect with people in our community.

To learn more about Generation Bridge, please visit their website at https://www.generation-bridge.com/