A member of the Greater Bridgeport Cooperative Parish

Our Sunday School programs for Middle School, 6th – 8th grade students strive to create an atmosphere that encourages spirited discussion and interaction as well as respect for different opinions.  Middle School classes focus on learning the Bible, to support Confirmation study and process.  Middle School students leave the Worship Service for Sunday School following the Youth Message.

Confirmation Class

Confirmation is an 8-month long opportunity for students in 8th grade and higher to explore and affirm their faith. Each week, the group gathers with the pastor to bond and grow. During this time they have the opportunity to explore the meaning of the Christian Faith, church history, organization and the sacraments. The settings for these discussions include classes, community service, field trips and more.   Young people on the confirmation path are asked to choose mentors to nurture and guide them through this season of their faith journey. It is our hope these mentors/students will form a lasting supportive relationship.

Try These Great Youth Sites! 

Youth Devotions at www.dailydevos.org or www.UMYouth.com
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