A member of the Eastern Fairfield Cooperative Parish

HomeBridge seeks to break the cycle of recidivism through transformative relationships, trauma-responsive job training and placement, and a supportive community for justice-involved people that leads to the opportunity to heal and to obtain gainful employment.

HomeBridge is about transforming lives and following the example of Jesus, spending time with the marginalized and demonized in society, bringing God’s love to them and restoring hope. Listen, Listen, Love, Love.

Thanks to your support, as of May 2023 HomeBridge has formally welcomed 47 members — 27 of them are active today.  They have run 111 groups with a total 500 participants over six months with 5 people placed in jobs, 7 people in further education with 4 people returning to prison.  FUN FACT:  UMC Monroe was HomeBridge’s first donation!

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