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Holocaust Remembrance Message

We are the people of the United Methodist Church of Monroe, and #WeRemember

We will act to ensure that today is better than yesterday. We will stand up and put down signs of racism, acts of hate towards anyone and we won’t forget you.


Today, January 27, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The date was chosen because it was on this day in 1945 that Auschwitz was liberated. Well over 6 million, including 1.5 million children, lost their lives in the Holocaust. The primary objective of the observance is to honor both the deceased and surviving victims as well as to promote awareness of the Holocaust worldwide. It is a day to remember those human beings who were just like you and me, but their lives were cut short way too soon.

Unison Prayer in Remembrance of the Holocaust

I lay my pain upon Your altar, loving God;
This is my lamb, my ram, my sacrifice,
My plea for pardon, plea for forgiveness
For all my sins of doing and not doing,
Prayers that blossom like flowers out of pain
Above the earth-pull.
My people’s sins have flamed in sacrifice
Upon your altar through slow-moving time.
Pain for all evil, hatred, cruelty,
For the sick of body and the sick of heart,
For all the loneliness, the lovelessness of men and women,
The unmeasurable loss of those that know not You –
The pain of the world, dear God, I place before Your shine.
Look down in pity and foregiveness.
Cause Your countenance to shine upon us
And give us peace.

(Jewish Prayer Book: Siddur Lev Chadesh)

Today’s Benediction:

The benediction today is a short poem — a translation of words found on the wall of a cave in Cologne where Jews had been hiding. It sums up the hope of many of those who endured the Holocaust. They trusted in a God of love. They hoped in His love for His people, and in their love for Him. They hoped, even in the darkest hour, in Him. We can join this legacy of hope. As we leave today, let us be a beacon of Christ’s light shining forth as hope for the world, and let us hope in the one who saves us that one day we shall see Him, and the manifestation of His glorious kingdom on earth.

I believe in the sun
though it is late in rising.
I believe in love,
though it is absent
I believe in God
though he is silent …

(Translated from the French by Hilda Schiff. Text from an unsigned inscription found on the wall of a cave in Cologne where Jews had been hiding)

For more information about #WeRemember visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbAPO44kxQw&feature=youtu.be

For more information about International Holocaust Remembrance Day, please visit https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/…/international-holocaust-re…


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