A member of the Eastern Fairfield Cooperative Parish

Footsteps in the Sand is a community of Christians from churches in this area that seeks to bring people closer to Christ, develop leaders for the local church and encourage Christian action. We do this by conducting three-day Renewal Weekends that are open to all Christians seeking a closer walk with Jesus Christ.

Our community has held over 200 weekends here in the Fairfield County area, so we have the experience to provide you with an exceptional retreat experience.

What We Provide:  Most churches today lack the staff and resources to conduct quality retreats themselves. Footsteps provides well crafted Renewal Weekends that are staffed by 20 volunteers, including 2 clergy. These Weekends touch the hearts of participants and inspires them to be more active in their home church.

Footsteps three-fold goal is to bring people to a closer relationship with Christ, inspire and empower people to Christian Leadership serving within their church and to promote the unity of all believers. Within Footsteps, we focus on what we have in common in Jesus Christ and respect our differences. This is greatly needed in today’s world.

We are more than just a Retreat Weekend. The benefits of a regular retreat fade quickly. In Footsteps, we don’t “love you and leave you.” We provide opportunities each month that reinforce the lessons learned to make a lasting impact on your walk with Christ. We are a community!

Give Yourself a Gift!

For some of us …

This world is CRAZY, and it just seems to get crazier day after day. There are so many pressures competing for your time and attention. Who takes time to focus on what matters most?

For others …

Life’s changes have left you looking to find the RESET button. No matter where you find yourself in life … Give yourself the gift of a Renewal Weekend where you can focus on your walk with Christ.

To learn more …

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Website:  www.Footsteps-sand.org
Email:  Footsteps.Sand@gmail.com
Facebook:  search “Footsteps in the Sand”

Local contact:  Pastor Chuck